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Our pedigree and expertise

Infra Asia Investment (“Infra Asia”) is an active investor and developer focussed on the financing, construction and management of port-related infrastructure and industrial zones in Vietnam. Infra Asia provides a platform of expertise in the areas of general management, financial structuring and technical advisory.

Infra Asia is the main shareholder of the Deep C industrial zones cluster in Haiphong, North Vietnam. The Deep C cluster consist of 5 separate industrial parks, which together represent almost 2200 ha of industrial land in the close vicinity of the Haiphong International Gateway Port (“the Lach Huyen port”). Infra Asia ensures the coherent management of the cluster and the quality of the infrastructure. In order to provide the best services to all Deep C’s clients, Infra Asia invests in and manages the utility networks, such as water and electricity provision, across the different industrial parks.

Infra Asia provides the managerial expertise and financial strength required to support continued investments and expansion of the Deep C cluster.

Infra Asia can rely on the extensive experience of its shareholder Rent-A-Port in the maritime industry. Rent-A-Port is an Antwerp based leading maritime engineering and investment company, specialised in the development of ports and port related industrial zones. Its shareholders are the publicly listed companies Ackermans & van Haaren, a large financial and CFE, an industrial group active in dredging, marine engineering and contracting.

Another important shareholder of Infra Asia is SBI (“Societé Belge d’Investissement”), the investment vehicle of the Belgian Government. As a strong minority shareholder, SBI ensures Infra Asia invests according to international good governance standards. and assists Infra Asia in gathering political support when required.

InfraAsiaInvestment shareholding diagram
InfraAsiaInvestment shareholding diagram
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Investment strategy and business model

Infra Asia’s business model is based on the combination of its unique insights in the maritime industry and a strong local presence in the markets in which it operates.

Infra Asia provides the following assistance
to its different subsidiaries:

Access to a pool of expertise

Both on a temporary and permanent basis, Infra Asia seconds technical, financial or managerial experts to its subsidiaries. These professionals often provide an expertise which is not available in the local market, and thereby ensure international quality standards.

Management coordination

Through coordinated supervision of the different industrial parks managed by Infra Asia, a consistent level of quality of service delivery can be guaranteed to our clients.

The services offered by Infra Asia in this regard include  strategic planning, corporate governance in the areas of environmental and social responsibility, general administration and management supervision, training of on-site management, monthly monitoring and evaluation, harmonization of contracts, pooling of contractors, etc.

Integrated utilities provision

In order to reap the benefits of scale that are present in the provision of utilities, such as waste water treatment and electricity distribution, Infra Asia has established dedicated utility companies that operate across the different industrial parks. This has also enabled Infra Asia to team up with specialised international partners for the provision of these services, ensuring cost efficiency and technical superiority.

Harmonised branding

Infra Asia is actively involved in the branding and marketing of the different industrial parks under the Deep C banner. Harmonisation brings with it not only cost advantages, but allows for the promotion of North Vietnam as an investment destination on international fora. In this regard, Infra Asia teams up with international agents promoting not only North Vietnam as a region, but the Deep C Cluster in specific as the ideal investment destination.

Infra Asia’s shareholders, particularly Rent-A-Port, act as Deep C ambassadors in the international maritime industry.

Project development assistance

Infra Asia is unrelentingly on the lookout for growth opportunities, and in this regard assists its subsidiaries in analysing any potential expansion opportunities. Infra Asia offers the required engineering, legal and financial expertise to look at the viability of potential investments, identify the required partners and assist with the stakeholder engagement process. Infra Asia often acts as a facilitator and consultant when important investment decisions are to be made by the different entities.

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